The Time

oil on linen 70 x 35 cm An old abandoned farmhouse, a symbol of civilization that is submissive to the wilds. It recapture the dominion over the human being, The Time ... "Bud" ... THAT COMES ... The time passing by, the time it regenerates all life.

Ares - The Atonement

oil on linen 1.20 x 1.68 cm Ares the god of war is crying .. A somewhat controversial topic in today's historic political landscape , the god of war who repents of his " role " seeks his own atonement. This canvas is a powerful protest against any war existing

The Gondolier

oil on linen 20 x 40 cm The magic atmosphere in Venice " Italy "


oil on linen 80 x 120 cm A theme that the Sempreboni loves to paint, the visceral contact with the nature. A woman that observes with abduction the winter that winds him, and the presence of a small creature that is to symbolize the relationship of symbiosis among every form of life.


oil on linen 81 x 98 cm In this sea atmosphere he breathes a poetry of peace and a sublime symbiosis with every creature and his habitat


oil on linen 73 x 63 cm In this work the Sempreboni wants to penetrate in the human mind succeeding in transmitting a message of harmony symbiosis and love between all the living creatures and our suffering planet , the respect of the life in every brushstroke of his


oil on linen cm 97 x 49 cm A spring by now deteriorated, a woman that tries in vain to preserve a symbol of it.The Sempreboni insinuates in the mind of the observer a grieved environmental protest on the theme of the climatic contortion.

The Abandonment of Eros

oil on linen 1.42 x 1.03 cm In the work "The abandonment of Eros" the vegetation winds with leaves and roots the naked mythological character, almost in the attempt to manufacture for him a sort of suit of protection, while the roots form a bed to its feet to facilitate its abandonment among the braccias of mother earth. In this work we observe the desperation for the exile of the god of the love and the chaos.


oil on linen 45 x 35 cm

The London friend

oil on paper 22 x 32 cm

Raised grape

oil on linen 50 x 32 cm

Daniela Dessi

oil on paper 40 x 61 cm

Inhabitant of the river Luangwa

oil on linen 40 x 30 cm